We are an incubator for art and technology that inspirits human connection in imaginative ways. We build creative solutions to some of the world’s seemingly insurmountable challenges – from countering violent extremism to ending modern day slavery to dismantling dangerous militant groups to combating hate speech. We partner with NGOs, foundations, governments, UN agencies and the private sector to test, develop, implement and diffuse scalable models. We make virtual reality films to psychosocial interventions to mobile cinema.

Our team of artists, social scientists, policy experts and peacebuilders view the world through the lens of how narratives influence human behavior. Stories are potent, and embedded in scalable interventions, can accomplish incredible things. Our name, Novo, means to make new. We believe that our world’s challenges deserve new approaches to solve them, and that human flourishing is possible.

We reach beyond.

Our Values

  • Innovation

    • Innovation is a dynamic process, focusing on the creation and implementation of new products, services and paradigms to improve efficiency and effectiveness of outcomes that improve well-being. We are interested in conception to scale-up and do not consider novelty as good in itself, rather we judge innovations on the basis of their proven ability to advance human flourishing.

  • Imagination

    • Imagination is the capacity to give birth to something new that in its very birthing changes our world. Imagination moves in a different sphere for it seeks and creates a space beyond the pieces that exist. Not confined by what is, or what is known, imagination is the art of creating what does not exist.

  • Interconnection

    • Interconnection is anchored in the truth that human action and inaction have vast ripple effects in time and space and that dissolving barriers to engender positive contact and collaboration is good for everyone. Ingenuity can be found in every corner of the world, and we believe that only by working together can everyone be safer, more equal and more free.

What We Do


Media Production

Intervention Design

Impact Evaluation

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