We are an incubator for art and technology that inspirits human connection in imaginative ways. We build creative solutions to some of the world’s seemingly insurmountable challenges – from countering violent extremism to ending modern day slavery to dismantling dangerous militant groups to combating hate speech. We partner with NGOs, foundations, governments, UN agencies and the private sector to test, develop, implement and diffuse scalable models. We make virtual reality films to psychosocial interventions to mobile cinema.

Our team of artists, social scientists, policy experts and peacebuilders view the world through the lens of how narratives influence human behavior. Stories are potent, and embedded in scalable interventions, can accomplish incredible things. Our name, Novo, means to make new. We believe that our world’s challenges deserve new approaches to solve them, and that human flourishing is possible.

We reach beyond.

Our Values

  • Innovation

    • Innovation focuses on creating and implementing new theories, narratives, and evidence-based approaches to improve well-being, sourced from a rich diversity of voices, perspectives and experiences. Ingenuity can be found in every corner of the world. We build on what’s worked, and then iterate beyond. Old ideas will not build the new world we long for. We evaluate innovation on the basis of proven ability to advance human flourishing. Virtual reality, counter-narratives, mobile cinema and more.

  • Imagination

    • Imagination points us to the possible, the liminal, the next most beautiful horizon. And so the work of storytelling now is to do the same, with an eye for what that horizon could be. Our planet is in peril and we need a massive reorientation of care – to one another and to our one planet home. We believe that an anti-racist, decolonized culture necessitates the creation, telling and passing on of new stories. We’ve got to see what’s possible to begin to imagine creating that world. 

  • Interconnection

    • Interconnection is anchored in the truth that all life, both human and non-human, is woven into one magnificent web. Actions, no matter how small, done right, impact the whole. This value informs how we create, what we create, who we create for. Our work does not seek to just highlight or uncover an injustice, but rather to contribute to correcting power imbalances and to develop partnerships with people and groups who can. Interconnection for the purpose of justice and equity for all is our north star.

What We Do


Media Production

Intervention Design

Impact Evaluation

Our Founder

Lindsay Branham is the Founder of Novo. She is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and social scientist, dedicated to leveraging media and technology to end violence and human rights abuses. She is a Kathryn Davis Fellow for Peace and was named the inaugural Envision social good fellow by the Independent Film Project and the United Nations.Prior to founding Novo, Lindsay served as a media behavior change specialist for UNICEF and Search for Common Ground, and was a freelance journalist for CNN and the BBC. Lindsay leads research and production globally for Novo. Lindsay is certified in refugee trauma and mental health recovery from Harvard Medical School, holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California and an MPhil in Social Psychology from the University of Cambridge, summa cum laude.

Our Inclusion Lens

Our Behavior Change Theory

At NOVO, we are interested in testing theory, analyzing evidence and creating data-driven creative campaigns that change behavior.

Our theoretical orientation is that shifting social norms, not personal beliefs, have ripple effects to families, communities, countries. However, this requires tailored campaigns to specific audiences, uncovering key beliefs and values that motivate behaviors targeted for change. Throwing paint against the wall is a waste of time and money. We believe in data-driven creative that has already been tested against slightly altered messages in order to determine efficacy.

The Theory of Planned Behavior from social psychology makes clear that predicting behavior is one of the most difficult moving targets in psychological research, and includes a variety of variables, including moral and social norms. By combining our research and creative expertise we are able to propose and carry out effective campaigns that are rooted in science, yet wide-open creatively. This offers a unique flexibility for effectiveness.

  • Counter-narratives
  • Alternative narratives
  • Political persuasion
  • Audience and listening research









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